Coke & Tears

[Spoken: “Ok settle down you all, settle down lady, he’s gonna be on stage real soon, that’s right Mama put your popcorn down, he’s turning to the band, yeah he’s […]


I’ve sung some songs that were lame I’ve slept with girls on the game. I’ve got my Catholic shame Lord I’m in purgatory Basically it’s all come-on talk for me […]


Don’t fight the feeling, relax Oh child the knot’s in your back ‘Cause you’ve been holding on I feel you when you’re reaching out I’ll talk you through memories Just […]

Song 3

Come join the band Come shag the damned God I blow them away A heart of chrome A broken home I got plenty to say Who ya doin? Don?t spoil […]

Hot Fudge

Yeeee-haaaa! Queen Bitch – eat the rich I’m on the second course today. I’m not the first And I won’t be the worst You done most of LA. Can’t find […]


Dig your polished nails into the dirt Rip your skirt off Wipe the hurt off You know it tears my heart out when you Flirt with danger And any stranger […]