The 80’s

I smoked Consulate and Park Drive Drank Newcy Brown, learned how to skive Polo mints to hide my breath from my Mum Did a little weed ’cause it felt like […]

The 90’s

Picking up the story from where I left off It?s 1990 now so school can fuck off I got no GCSEs, nothing higher than a ?D? I couldn?t tell me […]

The Actor

Principal actors to the stage please, Act One is about to begin in 8 seconds. First you can’t act, now you can’t stop, (What’s my motivation?) I used to like […]

Good Doctor

Can we do it again Take that, take that You alright star, No star You alright star You alright star, No star I don ‘t feel proper I went to […]

Keep On

Hotel motel Holiday Inn Hotel motel Holiday Inn Hotel motel Vein popping Heart clogging Name dropping Life stopping Got no strings But I think with my dingalingaling Can’t sing can’t […]


When he saw her getting of the bus It seemed to wipe away the years Her face was older, just a little rough But her eyes were still so clear […]